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Aug 23, 2013 10:00pm EDT
by jews? announcer: please welcome, critically acclaimed actor, sean hayes! sean hayes: wow, so many amazing people here tonight. thank you for having me ellen, thank you for you having me, but you didn't have a choice. lily tomlin, i'm such a big fan of lily tomlin, what an honor to share a stage with such an icon. just when you thought we ran out of groundbreaking gay women tonight, poof, here i am. i uh, i'm absolutely thrilled to be here for what promises to be an exciting evening filled with celebration, reflection, admiration, judgment, flirting, arguments, breakups and finally reconciliation. and that's just me standing at the men's room next to jimmy kimmel. i'm here tonight as a friend of ellen and as a fellow member of the "jeopardy" category, "gay sitcom stars." when they, when they asked me to be a part of honoring ellen this evening, i was thrilled to learn she was still alive and present to receive the mark twain prize. i'm sure one day very soon, genetic technology and computer modeling will be able to tell us exactly who mark twain would want to win his prize. until t
Aug 24, 2013 6:30pm EDT
is marcus easley, number 81, he has not played a lot. he will probably get some more. >> chick: and the sean powell. powell with the punt of 48 yards. we'll take a timeout here and pat white now back here ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing live tv from southwest. now you can turn your device into your television. try it for free today, only on southwest airlines. on the air. in the air. with live tv. >> chick: virginia 529 is prout to be the official college savings plan of the washington redskins. save today and save on the higher expenses of college. visit virginia for more details and that is deangelo hall, giving his mom a little birthday kiss. and a little cake, too. nothing wrong with that. >> joe: dehall. >> chick: not bad. false start by tom compton. >>> neutral zone i >> reporter: let's check in now one more time with ken harvey who has kirk cousins standing by. >> ken: first thing, people want to know how bad the foot is? >> it's going well. i hope to get back into practice this week. ance once i get healthy, it's up to the coach. >> you know you have a secure job a
FOX News
Aug 23, 2013 11:00pm PDT
, thank you for voices like rush and sean and levin, i'm thankful they're out there keeping the republicans in line. but smaller government, lower taxes, smaller government -- >> that is not what they're talking about. and what they're talking about, obama is exactly right. he mentioned, by the way, republicans in the house. the fact is, if they want to shut down the government they will pay a huge price. if they want to default the government and be able to back up our currency, it is right-wingers like you. any time somebody has a reasonable thing to say in the republican party, they run against a tea party conservative -- >> you're calling me an idiot -- >> no, i said -- >> there was a comma. >> rwi. >> one thing that president obama is talking about is the lead-up to this fight and continuing to fund the government. and whether the republicans will fight to de-fund obama care, or i think a lot of them coming around to trying to delay it. it could work in the democrat's favor. >> well, considering president obama has already delayed it or big, bad corporations which he co
Aug 23, 2013 5:00pm PDT
encontrarlos aunque sean muertos. >> vamos a pasar con alejandro roldÁn Él nos amplia lo que esÁa pasando. >> buenas tardes efectivamente mientras algunos llegaron con la esperanza de encontrar buenas noticias para al menos 5 familias tratÓ de un dÍa trÁgico pues la procuradurÍa confirmÓ esta tarde que dentro de los 13 cadÁveres encontrados estan algunas de las vÍctimas del secuestro en el bar heaven. >> durante una conferencia de prensa el procurador re fueron hallados 13 cuerpos entre los cuales se encuentran algunos de los jÓvenes desaparecidos en el bar heaven. >> se tiene plenamente identificado con perfil genÉtico a la persona de nombre allan omar a barranco, contamos con datos suficientes para aseveroar que se encuentra identificados las personas de gabriel ruiz martÍnez, rafael rojo martinez, guadalupe morales vargas y josÉe piedra moreno. >> la desapariciÓn de estas personas ocurriÓ el pasado 27 de mayo en este bar en la zona rosa desde entonces se emprendiÓ una bÚsqueda que frukt fikÓ apenas esta semana cuando en este rancho fue localizada la fosa comÚn con cad
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)